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James Wand Spy Magic!
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For the past 10 years James Wand has been coming to Smith Library to entertain us with his wonderful Summer Reading program. Our patrons look forward to and are very aware of when James will be here. They don't want to miss his show. He is always gently but firmly in control of the audience. Children and adults love him and look forward to his visits. Even people who didn't come to the library for his performance want to attend when they walk past the room he is in and hear the laughter. He is a gem.

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Smith Public Library
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Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I always enjoy visiting your library, but has it really been 10 years...?!!! I think you might be right. Yikes!

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Bobbie Hall Written by Bobbie Hall
August 18, 2017
Well that explains his awesomeness! He's a pro.
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